Public Sector


In the current turbulent economic environment, governments rethink their approach to economic development policy. They are in search of novel tools to combat challenges by getting maximum outcome from limited resources.

The issues which commonly face most governments are:

  • Fostering economic growth by identifying and leveraging sources for competitiveness and growth
  • Addressing social challenges due to demographic shifts such as migration and aging populations
  • Ensuring sustainability of national development by balancing economic and environmental needs
  • Building a supportive environment for creativity and innovation
  • Streamlining and increasing efficiency of government services

EV Research Center is a dedicated arm for ongoing research in the public policy domain. We invest in exploring best practices and innovative approaches to diverse sets of issues in public policy. Numerous results of our work have been included in various government programs.

Advising the Armenian Government on elaborating  key development strategies and large scale public projects EV Consulting is one of the major contributors to shaping policies in a number of areas including export promotion, industrial growth, financial diversification, innovation and ICT development and tourism. 

EV Consulting’s leadership participates in shaping public policy through membership in a number of public sector advisory councils such as:

  • Industrial Board chaired by the Armenian Prime Minister
  • Scientific-Technical Council chaired by the Armenian Prime Minister
  • Methodological Council of Armenian National Statistical Service 

Measuring Armenia’s competitiveness performance

Together with its research branch, EV Consulting publishes the Armenian Competitiveness Report (ACR) annually. The report provides a detailed assessment of Armenia’s competitiveness in the context of regional competition and offers a holistic way of assessing their interrelationships and the changing constraints on the country’s prosperity growth over time.

Private sector development assistance

EV Consulting is actively involved in private sector development initiatives implemented by major international organizations, such as the World Bank, USAID, GIZ, UNDP, OECD, etc. We provide consultancy in cluster assessment and development of intervention toolsets, setting up proper performance tracking systems, best practices research and benchmarking, analysis, etc. We actively partner with large international companies that implement multi-year large projects in Armenia and the region.