Mistake in marketing is a deadly business sin.
The globalized world has made all markets exceedingly competitive, forcing companies to fight for every consumer. On the other hand, the digital revolution is totally transforming the marketing function and its required expertise.
We strive to transfer perceptive and relevant information to help our clients implement successful marketing plans. We help our clients to better understand the needs of customers, formulating differentiated propositions based on core brand values, effective communications to target consumers, and steady monitoring of their market performance. For these purposes we offer a complete marketing package to design solutions that best address business problems.

Market research capabilities 

A large Pool of Experienced Interviewers: For the implementation of surveys EV Consulting utilizes its pool of experienced interviewers throughout Armenia, all of whom undergo extensive training before each assignment. Currently about 30 interviewers with extensive research experience are working with EV Consulting.

High quality CATI system: In 2009 EV Consulting set up and currently operates a state-of-the-art CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) studio with TCI technology, allowing high quality interview recording. To ensure the highest quality services we have selected the world’s leading vendors of this technology. The TCI technology embedded in the CATI system enables recording of all telephone interviews to monitor fieldwork performance and use automatic dialing to reduce project time.

Service offerings

  • Consumer usage and attitude studies
  • Market segmentation analysis
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Market entry and expansion strategies
  • Brand value evaluation and benchmarking
  • Advertising campaign assessment
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty assessment
  • Sales function optimization

Impact Stories

Market feasibility studies for large-scale investment projects

The Government and private investor

EV Consulting conducted feasibility studies for constructing a copper refinery and a production facility for photovoltaic products in Armenia. They included thorough research of the market structure and development trends, cost structure benchmarking, etc. The assessment results provided detailed cost-benefit analysis as well as highlighted key risks of the investment projects. Despite initial positive sentiments, we strongly advised the investors to refrain from implementing those investments given the unfavorable return/risk profile.

Market segmentation study in ice cream category

Leading dairy producer company

Based on in-depth usage and attitude study results, EV conducted a market segmentation study in the ice cream product category which supported the client to identify attractive perspective market segments and develop new targeted products.

Rebranding study

Leading Armenian mobile telecom company

After the acquisition by a foreign mobile company we helped the client to evaluate the strength and customer attachment to the brand that was supportive in negotiations to adjust the rebranding strategy.

Brand Benchmarking and Customer Satisfaction Studies

Leading Armenian mobile telecom company

EV Consulting acts as a long-term partner of the leading telecom company to execute periodic assessments of brand performance and customer satisfaction. The study helps executing KPIs in consumer related areas. Through regular brand benchmarking studies we track and analyze brand performance against competitors.