Performance Improvement


                                                           Most visions perish and strategies fail because of execution.

Our role in improving implementation capacities of our clients is not only about providing tools, but about toiling with them to make it happen. By introducing systems and structures, we coach key executives, and guide and moderate the enforcement processes. We employ a diverse sets of tools customized to each client’s needs.
Thus, EV has successfully introduced Balanced Scorecards (BS) at many companies, an effective management tool supporting the strategy application process. The head of EV's strategy practice is accredited by The Palladium Group, led by the creators of the methodology, Drs. R. Kaplan (Harvard Business School) and D. Norton (Palladium Group). In each assignment we adjust the toolset to fit the requirements of the client’s organization.
In the current volatile and competitive environment even SMEs are beginning to recognize the need and to invest in effective management systems across all functional areas from HR to strategy management. More and more calls we are receiving are for assisting in business process structuring, optimization, performance management and related areas.  


Service offerings

  • Design and install performance measurement systems
  • Streamline and improve financial functions
  • Improve planning, budgeting and forecasting systems
  • Streamline and improve marketing functions
  • Improve sales force organization, compensation schemes, customer service standards
  • Create operational dashboards, instituting efficient operational management processes

Impact Stories

Planning system setup

Pharmaceutical goods producer

The company was a recent production spin-off of an integrated pharmaceutical company (wholesale, retail and production). The integrated company’s planning system didn’t have a differentiated approach across business units. Thus the spin-off lacked any planning system. We assisted the company to create a monthly financial and operational planning system. The flexible forecasting was based on both top-down and bottom-up approaches. The systems allowed the company to realistically plan cash, raw materials supplies, resource allocation and production schedules on monthly basis. In addition to smoothing operations the system helped saving resources due to better planning.

Operational process improvement

Leading consumer goods producer

EV helped the company to improve critical components of operational and performance management systems. Operational review and management procedures in the company were streamlined, and management meetings using a dashboard of operational indicators were instituted. This substantially enhanced the quality of the company’s day-to-day operational management, improved the coordination among top managers and accelerated decision-making processes.