Business Valuation Training


Business valuation in the context of investment attraction: applicable practice for Armenia

EV Consulting and “Advice for Small Business in Armenia” of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) recently organized a training dedicated to business valuation and development of relevant knowledge base for negotiation with investors. The target audience of the training was companies’ shareholders, CEOs, CFOs, financial analysts and consultants. The following key issues faced in Armenian reality were touched upon during the training.

  • How to make the company’s financial plan?
  • How to make the right decision when applying the valuation multiples of other companies?
  • How to evaluate the companies with negative cash flow or incurring losses?
  • How to correctly estimate the value of equity in case of credit burden?
  • How to evaluate the company in the context of expected expansion (entry to export markets)?
  • How to correctly determine the discount rate of cash flows?
  • How to determine the risks of local and target markets in value estimation?