Public Policy & Development Advisory


We help public sector organizations effectively design, implement and measure the progress of development strategies to address key social and economic challenges. We strive to translate best practices from around the world into a local context in order to make those initiatives more efficient. Our advisory supports top-level policy makers in evidence-based and impact-oriented decision making. We embed the best of our private sector expertise in development policies to achieve lasting changes and ensure broader consensus on goals and actions.

We have worked with Ministries, governmental agencies, international and donor organizations in the fields of economic development, innovation, export promotion, foreign investment, science and education, regional development.

Service offerings

  • Competitiveness and economic growth analysis and advocacy
  • Cluster and sector analysis and development work
  • Helping governments, international and support organizations craft sector development policies and interventions
  • Economic policy design and advocacy
  • Design of monitoring and evaluation systems, impact assessment of large scale non-commercial projects

Impact Stories

Building Competitive Education in Armenia: Success Cases and Leading Initiatives (RA Ministry of Education and Science)

The report has been prepared by EV Consulting upon the request of the RA Ministry of Education and Science in the context of the European Higher Education Area Ministerial Conference and Bologna Policy 4th Forum organized in Yerevan in May, 2015. The report provides comprehensive information on leading initiatives and tangible achievements in the field of education and science in Armenia.

The report highlights general education quality improvement through strategic initiatives, important upgrades in vocational education and training, innovative learning environments. The report also emphasizes enhancement of competitiveness and internationalisation of higher education, upgrading research infrastructure and promoting innovation in education as well as mobility - increasing exposure to worldwide best practices. See full brochure>>

Development of Monitoring and Evaluation system and impacts assessment for E-Society and Innovation for Competitiveness Project (World Bank, EIF)

Development of the system of performance indicators for the project’s monitoring and evaluation, as well as estimate of the project’s possible economic and social impact on Armenia’s economy and society.

Survey of the Engineering Service Sector and Feasibility study (World Bank, EIF)

The study evaluates the development potential of the engineering service in light of global market development trends, identifies the needs of the companies and provides strategic recommendations for the sector support.

Finance for Economic Development (FED) Project (USAID)

EV is a local subcontractor to Cardno to implement a 5-year 5mln. USD project on enhancing access to finance and contributing to financial diversification.

Competitive Armenian Private Sector (CAPS) Project (USAID)

EV was a local subcontractor to Nathan Associates that implemented a USAID funded 17mln. USD private sector development project. The project aimed to enhance the competitiveness of tourism, IT, pharmaceuticals and engineering clusters in Armenia.

The Role of the Diaspora in Generating Foreign Direct Investments in Armenia (Caucasus Research and Resource Center, Eurasia Foundation, Carnegie Corporation)

The study examines the impact of the Armenian Diaspora on generating Foreign Direct Investments (Diaspora-connected FDI) in Armenia in 1994-2004.

Attracting MNCs to Armenia (Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI))

The report analyzed the internationalization pattern of global value chains of the top-tier high-tech MNCs and identified the critical factors behind the successful countries that managed to emerge as a leading higher value processing R&D destination. The report provided recommendations for attracting targeted MNCs.

IT Industry Growth Model (World Bank, EIF)

Alternative scenarios of Armenian IT industry were developed based on results derived from the industry revenue econometric models. The report includes several country case studies on successful policy initiatives and provides policy recommendations for the future growth of the Armenian IT cluster.

Public support to higher education in prioritized areas of economy: International practice research and demand estimates (Center for Education Projects (CEP) Project Implementation Unit of RA Ministry of Education and Science)

Developed recommendations on public financing of HEI from the perspective of supporting priority sectors of economy based on international best practice study and assessment of relevancy of different approaches with Armenian reality. The potential demand for HEI graduates and specializations have been estimated for the prioritized sectors of economy for 10-year timeframe.

Market study on higher education institutions’ graduate labor demand and employment in Armenia, estimate of student loan demand (Center for Education Projects (CEP) Project Implementation Unit of RA Ministry of Education and Science)

Based on graduate tracer study and survey of employers analyzed the demand and employment prospects for graduates of higher educational institutions. Analyzed the labor market trends and provided high level estimates for future development of demand and supply. Estimated the potential demand for student loans for different financing conditions. The Government initiated the student loan program in 2013.

Business plan and economic impact analysis of new generation synchrotron light source (CANDLE Research Center at Yerevan State University)

Developed the business plan and conducted comprehensive economic and social impact analysis for the establishment of unique 3.5 generation synchrotron light source in the region to be based in Armenia. Based on it, the Government of Armenia made a decision to start the implementation of the project.

Business Plan for Armenian National Engineering Laboratories (ANEL)

We developed a business plan for establishing a state-of-the-art educational and research laboratory center worth about $6mln. at State Engineering University of Armenia. Conducted international best practice assessment based on which suggested the appropriate operational model and strategy. The implementation of the project started in 2012.

Tourism Development Concept Paper (adopted in 2008)

At the request of the Government the Republic of Armenia, in December 2007 EV together with Armenia 2020 project and the USAID-funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector Project developed the RA Tourism Sector strategy concept paper, which was accepted as a guideline for further development of RA Tourism Sector.

Information Technology Sector Development Concept Paper (adopted in 2008)

EV Consulting elaborated forecast of major indicators of IT sector development of Armenia, participated in elaboration of strategic initiatives of the sector.

Concept for Innovation Policy in Armenia (adopted in 2011)

The Concept paper was developed by EV Consulting at the request of the Ministry of Economy the Republic of Armenia and provides key principles and major initiatives in an integrated strategy framework.

Export-led Industrial Policy of Armenia (Policy adopted in 2011)

After the economic crisis in 2009 the Government of Armenia was seeking to change its economic policy to adopt more proactive growth interventions. The shift marked a paradigm change in 20 years history of economic policy design in independent Armenia. EV Consulting was engaged with the financial support of the World Bank. The developed export-led industrial strategy outlined the Government’s policy in supporting key manufacturing industries: goals, priorities and focus in jumpstart phase, key principles of interventions, organizational structures. According to the strategy, the Government shall implement sector development strategies in line with general business environment improvement initiatives. The interventions are based on public-private partnership mechanisms addressing the entire value chains in target sectors.

Development strategies and implementation roadmaps for prioritized sectors by Export-led Industrial Strategy (2012-2013)

EV Consulting assisted the Government of the Republic of Armenia in elaborating development strategies, action plans for short-term perspectives, and a performance tracking system for prioritized sectors (Precision Engineering, Wine and Brandy, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Jewelry, Diamond-Cutting and Watchmaking, Canned Food, Bottled Water and Juices, Textile and Leather Products).