Frequent imbalances in markets for primary agro products, urbanization, productivity and infrastructural gaps put enormous pressures on agriculture. On the other side, its role in overcoming rural poverty in developing countries is critical. Numerous initiatives by development agencies and governments struggle to materialize this promise. Success requires a seamless combination of well elaborated strategies and effective execution that embraces cultural, social, demographic specifics of each location.  Our expertise in agriculture apart from working with individual producers in areas of our functional competence, includes also local economic development initiatives aimed at empowering rural communities with economic growth perspectives by:

  • helping them identify economic value creation opportunities based on recognition of their competitive advantages, building common vision and mobilizing the efforts to achieve them 
  • arming them with entrepreneurial skills to create sustainable and environmentally friendly business models 
  • improving access to finance and markets 
  • facilitating infrastructure upgrade 
  • expanding employment prospects for women and youth