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Seven tests for assessing crisis management effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is putting both public healthcare systems and governance of countries around the world to the test.

Solar panel -EV Consulting

The rise of solar energy

If harvested and converted, the sunlight received by earth in one hour will be enough to meet the annual energy needs globally…

New Wconomic Reality- EV Consulting

New economic reality and our response

The world and Armenia are facing a new reality, which arrived within a few days. The threats of coronavirus pandemic have forced many countries to introduce unprecedented preventative measures that severely restrict the overall economic activity.


Northern Avenue or social housing?

Construction is one of the leading sectors of Armenia’s economy. The real growth rate of the sector in 2018 was 4.5%, the highest level since 2008.


Does Armenia follow the convergence trend?

The concept of convergence is very popular in studies on economic growth and competitiveness…


What kind of skills will be required for the future of jobs in Armenia?

Based on the upcoming National Competitiveness Report of Armenia 2019 The global job market is undergoing structural transformations…


Armenian mining sector at a strategic crossroad

Will Armenia move towards the path of developing its mining sector or will it halt the sector’s expansion? Is there a third way?


Agile in professional services industry

Professional services industry today is one of the largest employers in a number of developed and developing countries. Essentially, professional services provide assistance to businesses and public sector entities in the…


Higher education – in pursuit of the ‘right’ evolutionary model

The job market in the world has been experiencing profound transformation. In our era of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, sizable opportunities for economic development and societal advancement…


Global trends in mobile sector: what is driving the industry?

Global mobile industry has reached a milestone of 5 billion subscriptions by 2017 and will most likely keep the growth trend further by 2025[1]. Over the coming eight years the number of SIM card subscriptions is expected to…


How advancing labor participation could add up to 55% to Armenia’s GVA

Due to the long periods of sluggish economic growth and high unemployment rates, a significant portion of labor resources have been forced out of labor supply in Armenia. Since its independence…


How efficient is the management of your company? The practice of budgeting

This is one of the key questions that generally bothers shareholders and managers. In our various consulting projects, we repeatedly come across similar questions or slightly different formulations of it…


How companies can cope with economic slowdown utilizing effective management tools

It’s relatively easy to build a successful business when the economy is on the rise. The real challenge is to face the downturn or sluggish growth rates, which can become a tough test for the companies’ competitiveness…


Approaching interconnected problems

Summoning the past few years of business consulting work, I can say that consulting is becoming more complex at an unprecedented rate. Among many factors, I’d pick the augmenting interconnection of business…