EV Consulting is a management advisory firm
that serves companies and industries aspiring to
move to the next level of competitiveness and

Who we are

EV Consulting is a management advisory firm that serves companies and industries aspiring to move to the next level of competitiveness and innovativeness.

EV Consulting partners with senior executives and business leaders to identify their next development level and carve pathways there. Such partnerships are established in diverse, but critical areas of management challenges – starting from spotting market opportunities, helping raise capital through designing and implementing complex management systems.

EV Consulting enriches its thinking through its research arm – EV Research Center’s activities.

EV Research Center

Economy and Values Research Center (EV) is a think-and-action-tank striving for competitive Armenia. The Center’s activities are focused on studying and promoting competitiveness agenda, educating and advising current and future leaders in public policies and strategies, as well as exploring value and cultural foundations of development. Utilizing top level international institutional connections and a selected network of skilled analysts and consultants, the Center introduces new concepts of development.

EV Research Center is a partner Institute of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the New Economy and Society.


We are in a brain business. It’s all about people.

People with character, who build a company emulating their character. EV Consulting is comprised of people with wide experience, skills and at the same time insight and creativity. The associates have experience in both public and private sectors with backgrounds in economics, business administration and finance. Our people are more than our current employees. Our brain network adds value to assignments required specialized knowledge by sharing expertise and exchanging ideas. The passion for perfectionism is what glues us together. In every assignment we strive to apply deep approach, while at the same time unchaining our thinking for finding unique solutions. We never compromise the trust of the client for any gain. We strive to achieve all these hard goals through creating opportunities for inspiration for our people every day.


We value judgement and creativity more than skills and experience. The aspiration of making changes and coping with challenges will help you to join our team.

Join Us

If the mentioned features are typical to you, we look forward to receiving your CV together with a Cover Letter.

Our prospective employee

  • is not afraid to work
  • tries to provide innovative solutions to traditional problems
  • is not afraid to challenge conventional thinking and introduce new ideas to the company’s activities
  • is ready to develop the best solutions for each client
  • is willing to use his/her talent and knowledge in new areas
  • has good writing skills
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Internship Program

Internship at EV Consulting is a unique opportunity to be engaged in developing comprehensive solutions to problems of high importance at micro as well as macro levels, transformative for both businesses and Armenia’s economy as a whole.

The challenging projects we are engaged in accelerate the professional growth of our team members.

Main responsibilities:

  • Research, gather data and generate information
  • Analyse companies, industries and macroeconomic environments
  • Develop reports
  • Other tasks as required per project

Candidate profile:

  • Motivated and enthusiastic individual, eager to learn
  • Higher education background in economics/business administration/finance
  • Excellent knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian
  • Proven analytical and research skills
  • Excellent communication, time management and problem solving skills
  • Proven ability to work both on own and as part of a team


The internship program is full time and non-paid for the first month. Based on the delivered results, the internship can be prolonged to 3 more months on paid basis. Decent performance will lead to a job offer.



Job offer

1-st month: NON-PAID
3 months: PAID
5 months: JOB OFFER

If you think this is all for you, we want to hear from you. Please, send your named CV with a cover letter demonstrating your enthusiasm for the position to [email protected] by mentioning “Internship” in the subject line. Apply as soon as possible. No necessity of phone calls.