National Competitiveness Report 2019

by admin |October 23, 2019 |0 Comments The Report analyzes and addresses job market challenges, shifts and opportunities in Armenia and proposes a reform agenda for workforce development to tackle the problems and capture strategic opportunities. DOWNLOAD

National Competitiveness Report 2017

by admin |October 8, 2019 |0 Comments , The special focus of the Report is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the global spread of disruptive technologies and their complex impact on Armenia. DOWNLOAD

National Competitiveness Report 2014

by admin |September 22, 2019 |0 Comments , The report provides a broad and deep analytical look at Armenia’s competitiveness and uses growth toolsets to uncover the binding constraints on long-term growth. DOWNLOAD

National Competitiveness Report 2012

by admin |September 18, 2019 |0 Comments , The report looks at the discourse between the public and private sectors in Armenia which is heavily dominated by a few topics centered around regulatory environments. DOWNLOAD

National Competitiveness Report 2010

by admin |September 16, 2019 |0 Comments , The report provides a broad and deep analytical look at Armenia’s international competitiveness standing with the special focus on the challenges and prospects in the higher education sector. DOWNLOAD

National Competitiveness Report 2009

by admin |September 14, 2019 |0 Comments , The report focuses particularly on the impact of the economic crisis on Armenia’s economic system by revealing its specifics which is the result of the peculiarities of the country’s economic system. DOWNLOAD

National Competitiveness Report 2008

by admin |September 12, 2019 |0 Comments , In this report Armenia’s economic performance is measured in comparison with regional peer countries. This choice is based on the country positioning options proposed in ACR. DOWNLOAD