Public Policy & Development

Best run public sectors enable wealth creation

We help public sector organizations effectively design, implement and measure the progress of development strategies to address key social and economic challenges. We strive to translate best practices from around the world into a local context in order to make those initiatives more efficient. Our advisory supports top-level policy makers in evidence-based and impact-oriented decision making. We embed the best of our private sector expertise in development policies to achieve lasting changes and ensure broader consensus on goals and actions.


We have worked with Ministries, governmental agencies, international and donor organizations, universities and civic organizations in the fields of economic development, innovation, export promotion, foreign investment, science and education, regional development and social support.

Service offerings

  • Competitiveness and economic growth analysis and advocacy
  • Cluster and sector analysis and development work
  • Helping governments, international and support organizations craft sector development policies and interventions
  • Economic policy design and advocacy
  • Design of monitoring and evaluation systems, impact assessment of large scale non-commercial projects